A little bit of History....

The village of Lockerley, centred around Butts Green, may well be over 1000 years old. As recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, there were 3 manors in the area belonging to the Bishop of Winchester. One of the three, Lockerley Manor, appears to be what is now the Lockerley Water Farm. Of the public houses, the Kings Arms is a listed building dating from the 18th century and it may well have been a very popular watering hole given it's location just off Butts Green. After the monasteries were dissolved in 1536, all able-bodied men were required to spend an hour each Sunday performing archery. The archery target is referred to as the "butt," from the French "but," and thus the Green owes its name to being the site for regular practice.

On your way to the pub you may well drive past another popular spot from the Middle Ages. In the 1300's, a villager of poor health was apparently granted a license from the Bishop to hear divine oratory within his home. The road leading southeast from Lockerley to his land is appropriately known as Pains Hill!

Sadly, Lockerley's original church was demolished in 1891 after the new church was built, but well worth a visit is the very pretty saxon style church in nearby East Dean. And, of course, the beautiful Mottisfont abbey, owned by the National Trust and housing the National Trust's collection of historic roses, is only a couple of miles away.

The King's Arms looks forward to welcoming you any day of the week and especially on Sunday, after your archery session, as the royal decree is still in force!










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